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The path into the Jewish Studies Major begins with students who have taken two Jewish Studies classes. There is no grade requirement. The application materials include a transcript, a recommendation by one Jewish Studies faculty member, and a brief written statement of interest.

At the core of the major in Jewish Studies is a close relationship between the student and two faculty advisors. Working with their faculty advisors, students design a course of study that fulfills the Jewish Studies requirements, provides disciplinary rigor, and addresses the student’s academic interests and career plans. Knowledge of Hebrew is not required but encouraged. Students are expected to complete language study appropriate to their particular program, as approved by their advisor.

The Jewish Studies Major requires 10 courses with the following breakdown:


Two courses from the following core courses:

HIEU 2101: The Premodern Experience or HIEU 2102: The Modern Experience

RELJ 2030 Judaism: Roots and Rebellion


Two courses (one each from two of the following three categories) as approved by the student’s Jewish Studies advisor:

  • History and Society
  • Belief and Thought
  • Language, Literature and Culture (Note: A 3000-level Hebrew course can be counted toward the “Language and Literature.”)

Click here for a full list of courses that meet distribution requirements.


Two topic courses in the area of their specific major concentration, as approved by their advisor: e.g., a student with a concentration in Jewish History will need two courses in that area; a student of Jewish Thought will likewise require two courses in Jewish Thought; and so on for Literature, Scriptural Studies, etc. (Note: the topics will typically be more specific than the categories listed above for the Distribution Requirements).


Three electives courses in a field related to their topic, as approved by their advisor. 


Students will take one 4000-level class selected in consultation with their advisor and relevant to their program of study.

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