Kathryn Webb-Destefano

PhD Candidate, English

Kathryn's dissertation, “‘What is past, or passing, or to come:’ Irish Modernism, Hybrid Mythologies, and the Rise of Twentieth-Century Ultranationalism, 1894-1945,” focuses on Irish Modernism within a global transnational context. 

Kathryn’s current research focuses on antisemitism and the aesthetics of ultranationalist movements, examining the overlap between fascist ideology, myth, and mysticism.

Her additional research includes late 19th C British and French literature. Kathryn's pedagogical interests include Contemplative Pedagogy, Open Access Education, and Science, Technology & Society Studies. In addition to teaching, Kathryn currently works as Faculty Development Assistant for the Contemplative Sciences Center and was the digital curriculum collaborator on the newly published Contemplative Lab Curriculum.