MA Program

Concentration in the Study of Judaism

Course Expectations

The successful completion of 24 credit hours of course work; and the preparation and successful defense of a thesis which exhibits competence in the area of specialization, skill in a given method of study, and an ability to employ resources in the relevant world language(s);


The successful completion of 30 credit hours of course work; and the satisfactory performance in a comprehensive examination based upon a reading list approved by the relevant field committee.

The choice between these options is determined in consultation between the student and faculty advisors and with a view to the student's objectives in graduate study.

Candidates are expected to pass four foundational courses:

  • Two courses in Textuality (Biblical Studies, Rabbinic Literature, or Jewish Literature)
  • One course in Practice or Material Culture
  • One course in Jewish Thought
  • One course in Jewish History


A reading knowledge in at least one relevant research language other than English, in addition to either Classical or Modern Hebrew, must be demonstrated by examination.  Research languages will be determined in consultation with the graduate advisor and by approval of the Committee on Graduate Studies.

More information on the MA program, including special opportunities for UVA undergraduates seeking the MA degree in Religious Studies, is available here.