Distinguished Major Program

The Distinguished Majors Program (DMP) in Jewish Studies affords qualified students the opportunity to do advanced research and to receive, at graduation, the honor of distinction, high distinction, or highest distinction.

Entry to the Program

Students who meet the following criteria are eligible to participate in the Distinguished Majors Program:​

  • Students qualify for the program if they have achieved an average of 3.400 in all university course work as well as in all major course work prior to application for the program.
  • Application should be made to the Director of the Jewish Studies Distinguished Majors Program.
  • Admission into the program will be considered by the program's Committee on Curricular Issues and the Director of the Distinguished Majors Program.

Requirements for Program Completion

  • Completion of the Hebrew language requirement (minimum of two semesters) and all major requirements (30 credits).

  • Students must enroll in JWST 4970 (directed reading; 3 credits) in the fall semester and JWST 4980 (writing; 3 credits) in the spring semester. These courses are in addition to the thirty (30) required credits and the Hebrew language requirement.

  • Students are responsible for selecting two members from the Jewish Studies faculty to serve as committee members; one member shall serve as the primary reader and chair.

  • The thesis shall be thirty to fifty pages in length.

For more information, please contact the Jewish Studies Program Director at jbl6w@virginia.edu