About the Fellowship

Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellows of Jewish Studies, 2021-2022

The Rachel Winer Manin Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship of Jewish Studies invites nominations for the upcoming year. Graduate students from any UVA department working on any subject related to the history, culture, thought, practice, or tradition of the Jewish people may be nominated, or ask to be nominated. Fellows will be invited to be part of the intellectual community of the Jewish Studies Program. They will be welcomed to all lectures and events and will be encouraged to present their research in monthly meetings. The fellowship, which is renewable, will carry a stipend of $500 to be used for books or other related research expenses. 

Advisors may nominate more than one Graduate Fellow from each department. For more information about the nomination process, please contact Asher Biemann, ab5j@virginia.edu, or the Director of the Jewish Studies Program, at jbl6w@virginia.edu

Procedure for Application

We ask faculty advisors to have the students they are nominating provide our committee with a one-page statement describing their current work (as it pertains to some aspect of Jewish Studies) and explaining why they are interested in becoming Graduate Fellows in the Jewish Studies Program. We also ask faculty advisors to send a brief note of endorsement

Application statements and faculty endorsements should be sent by June 1, 2021.

Renewal of Current Fellowships

Current Fellows seeking to reapply should provide an updated statement (which will not require nomination or endorsement by their advisors). Renewals for the academic year 2021-2022 should be sent by May 10, 2021.

Please send all application materials to Asher Biemann, ab5j@virginia.edu.