Martien Halvorson-Taylor

Associate Professor
Gibson Hall, S-236


Martien Halvorson-Taylor’s work is focused the Hebrew Bible and its interpretation. She has written on the Babylonian exile and how the concept of “exile” was received and interpreted in biblical narratives, prophetic literature, and, more broadly, literature of the Second Temple period. She is now at work on a book on the Song of Songs that allows me to reckon with both “diachronic” and “synchronic” approaches to the Song: A diachronic view traces the growth of the Song—its origins, formation, and the editing by which it became a literary unity, even as its connotations may have shifted. A synchronic approach, which focuses on the present form of the text and its literary features, takes special care to account for the artistry of the book’s extraordinary poetry and its vital status within reception history. Halvorson-Taylor is also preparing a project for a popular audience that is based on her UVA course on the biblical book of Job and its interpretation, from the ancient period through the present.