Gregory Goering

Associate Professor
Gibson Hall, S-365


Gregory Goering’s research interests span the Hebrew Bible and Second Temple Judaism. He combines traditional historical, literary, and philological approaches with newer methods from cultural anthropology and cognitive linguistics, as well as intersectional, sensory, and somatic analyses. Most of Goering’s research and writing aims to interpret ancient Jewish wisdom literature. He is particularly interested in how ancient Jewish sages inculcated wisdom bodily in their students by educating the senses and thereby constructing a sensorium. Goering’s current monograph Wisdom in the Flesh aims precisely to describe such a moment in the cultural history of the senses by taking the book of Proverbs as a case study. In addition, he is currently writing a commentary (with Matthew Goff) on the Wisdom of Ben Sira for the Illuminations Commentary Series. Goering offers courses on Classical (Biblical) Hebrew, Hebrew Bible and Second Temple Judaism, and on Religion and the Senses.