Friends of Jewish Studies

Make a Gift to the Jewish Studies Program​

You can help advance Jewish Studies at U.Va. Your gift can make a big difference by guaranteeing that our program continues to develop. You may choose to enrich student life, to develop curricula, to support faculty research, to give for lecture series, or to sustain other opportunities.

The Jewish Studies Director and faculty will be delighted to discuss these options and other Jewish Studies matters.

Levin Family Prize

Thanks to the generosity of Barry Levin and his family, the Levin Family Prize is awarded every year at graduation to the best student in Jewish Studies. Barry attended UVA Law School and his two daughters were undergraduates at UVA. One of his daughters studied Jewish Studies and is now a rabbi.

The Nir Family Speaker Series for Jewish Studies

The Nir Family Speaker Series takes place each spring and began in 2014 with the goal of inviting distinguished speakers from around the world to UVA to speak on Israel and Holocaust issues. Aaron Nir (’87) and his family made this gift to offer the University community ongoing exposure to these important issues and to enrich the environment for Jewish Studies at UVA. 

The Paul and Dorothy Grob Memorial Fund for Jewish Studies

Paul and Dorothy Grob spent their entire adult lives teaching and furthering Jewish education and religious practice in communities from Portsmouth, Virginia to Key West, Florida.  Long before Paul became a Rabbi, he was Cantor at a synagogue in Portsmouth, Virginia for more than 30 years.  Their mission as Jewish educators was to ensure that their students could participate in worship in any synagogue in the world.  Paul Grob spent summers studying for a rabbinical ordination and went on to serve as the rabbi for conservative congregations in North Carolina and Florida before retiring to Boca Raton with Dorothy who served as a teacher in the religious school for many years.  Together they helped to elevate the religious practice and involvement of each of the communities where they lived.

The children of Paul and Dorothy Grob, inspired by their parents’ dedication, have endowed a lecture series at the University of Virginia in their memory.  Every spring, the Jewish Studies Program will invite an eminent scholar to Charlottesville to deliver a community-wide presentation on important issues relating to Jewish American Life.  The scholar will also participate in symposia, workshops, and other artistic events with faculty and students in the Jewish Studies Program.

Making a gift to this important endowment will not only honor the memories of Paul and Dorothy Grob in perpetuity, it will ensure that Jewish American life continues to be an important topic of conversation at the University of Virginia.

For more information or to make a gift, please contact Casey Eves.  To make a gift online, please click here.

With appreciation and gratitude,

Paul and Dorothy Grob